Monday, January 17, 2011

my famous little friend

tonight my husband, son and i all took a family car ride to the local Barnes & Noble.  the main objective for my two year old son was to play with the train in the children's section.  the main objective for me??
to see if my book was finally in. 
and the verdict is...
it was there!
it took me and my husband a while to find it.  they placed it in the general fiction and lit section
(i'm going to have to let them know its a ya fiction... or else just sneak a copy up there myself.)  
but either way it was there, all cute and humble-like amongst all those weathered b&n books. 
i felt so proud of my two little copies sitting their all camoflauged amongst the rest of the bindings.
and then i pushed the other books to the side and flipped my book around
so that the whole cover was showing
(we don't want her getting lost in the crowd!) 

here's a picture of me with my fun little work of fiction. 
(can we blame my puffy face on the fact that i'm 8 months pregnant?  pretty please???)

 i like to think about what she'll do tonight after they turn out the lights. 
will she hop off the shelf and mingle with the other books? 
or is she the type to stand off to the side and observe? 
will she unpack her things and get comfortable? 
or will she put out her best outfit with anticipation of meeting her new owner in the morning? 
who will buy her?  who will hold her and read her and tuck her into their purse to read at lunch?  
she has so much ahead of her... so much to look forward to.  so many people to touch.  
sweet dream my little friend.
and don't let the shelf bugs bite. 


  1. What a fun flight of fancy and congrats on being there.

  2. love this post..and i am super excited for you!

  3. How exciting! Congratulations!!!

  4. I'll flip it around so the cover shows if I see at my B&N. ;)