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This copy was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Kindle Edition, published November 30th, 2010
Tate Publishing

Gemma Mitchel finds herself in embarrassing situations more often than not. She’s a bit awkward and shy. Not the best position to be in for a teenage girl. Then again, her family always has her back, just like Gem’s best friend Jess Tyler. He’s the total opposite of her. An easygoing smile at the ready, athlete, and worst of all - popular. The two of them have been inseparable for as long as she can remember, but Gemma never really knew how much Jess depends on her until a tragedy puts things into perspective. Jess needs her just as much as she needs him, but Gemma has a crush on Trace Weston, hasn’t she? Damn it, she just can’t be sure anymore…

I only comment on the cover of a book when there’s something special about it (may it be good or bad). Here we go: I LOVE this one. It represents everything I thought the story would be - and was - about. I had to pause for a moment and tried to imagine what kind of hand I would wish for to hold mine. Big, strong, refined...

Gem came across as a typical, yet unique teenager. A tad na├»ve, bound to make a few wrong decisions, and late to realize what’s been right in front of her all along. Her troubles, however, seemed banal in comparison to the messed up situation Jess went home to every day.

Simple, yet complicated!

The writing reminded me of Kody Keplinger’s style. Very well attuned to the message it’s trying to send. Short, and to the point. In many ways it was light, but also dealt with two very serious topics of today’s society. I had to take a deep breath to even be able to think about it, much less continue reading. Be aware (see warning in the spoiler section)! It was done as tastefully as possible, but at the same time stayed true to its nature. Tastefully, of course, only referring to how it was implemented in the plot – not to the issue itself.

Romantic, yet heartbreaking!

The friendship between Gem and Jess was one of a kind. They were devoted to each other and even if not always in agreement on things, supported one another. Jess made me feel like a cradle robber, for I had boys in my classes older than him. He’s the son-in-law every parent would be lucky to have. Gem’s family thought so, too. A cutie patootie to modest to admit that he’s liked by everyone. Me want! The girls secretly – and not so secretly - lusted after him. Gem didn’t notice at first. Imagine what a shock it was when realization finally set in. She, as opposed to him, didn’t have many friends, and certainly screwed up once or twice. Thankfully this wasn’t reason enough to find her any less likable. She’s just human after all. Fighting with Jess made her miserable and that showed me how strong their friendship was.

Funny, yet serious!

Think of any kind of emotion. I guarantee that I felt it. The book had me laughing a lot or hiding my face behind the Kindle. In the next instant I was crying my eyes out, angry at the unfairness of the world. A roller coaster ride indeed.

What are you in the mood for? A story about a second kiss and first love? A story about fear and loss? A story that could be yours or mine? Then don’t miss out on it.

One not so significant reason to bitch about: Whoever translated the German bits needs to brush up on his/her skills. BADLY. This has no influence on the final verdict, though. I just wanted to mention it.

Second Kiss is definitely one of those books you’ll want as Paperback for you collection. I got my digital copy from the publisher and after finishing ordered it on Book Depository right away (a bit pricey). I’m sure I’ll pick it up again soon…and again, and again, and… It was the first read in a long time that didn’t need an epilogue to be whole. In fact, it would’ve ruined the so carefully drawn picture. 5 stars to Second Kiss by Natalie Palmer. A first with a book given to me for reviewing purposes.

Beware of Spoilers!

Warning: Abuse, sickness / death

A few of my favorite quotes for those of you who are interested:

° “He was someone who knew me better than I knew myself. And someone whom I loved inside and out.”

° “Because even my most humiliating moments seemed funny somehow when I told them to Jess.”

° “The first kiss and the last dance basically determined your fate for love for the rest of your life.”

° “Nothing seemed to be real until I had said it out loud to Jess.”

° “I’m not a little girl anymore, Jess! I’m a teenager! I took a deep breath and stamped my foot. I even wear a bra!”

° “Don’t get all melodramatic on me, Gemmalynn Judith. When I acted dramatic, he called me by my full name…”

° “The guy at the store said it’s the most powerful gem in the world. He was quiet for a moment before adding, Like you."

Review by Donna Weaver on Thursday, January 13, 2011 
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Review by: Shelly at"I really loved "Second Kiss". I love reading books that find meaning and depth in every-day moments and lives. I read this book in ONE day because I just couldn't put it down. It is also very clean! There is no profanity. There is a retelling of abuse, but its handled well. There were a few kisses but they were all very innocent. I gave it 2 stars on mature theme because one of the character deals with an alcoholic father and divorce. I felt all the situations in the book were presented in a clean and appropriate way and I would recommend it to any age. It was a great book that I will tell my friends about!"

Review by: Kim F
"Second Kiss" is a story that doesn't leave your mind after you have read it. I loved this book! This book helps you see everyday situations with a positive perspective. The story is funny, entertaining, and insightful. Although some serious issues are mentioned, there is enough humor throughout the book that keep you smiling. The serious issues are handled very delicately which makes this book appropriate for young teens on up. The characters are very likable, have high moral standards, and they are easy to relate with. I can't wait to see what happens next to Gemma and Jess in book #2!


Review by: Annie P.
I thought this was such a sweet coming of age story. It mixed humor with serious situations and I feel that we need more young adult books just like this one. I really enjoyed it.

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