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Second Kiss was officially released on November 30, 2010.

Why should I buy your book?
These days we are living in a world where media and public entertainment directed to the average teenager is polluted with inappropriate ideas and opinions.  Go ahead and scan the young adult sections in any book or movie store.  Turn on the T.V. and try watching any of the shows that are being viewed by this age group (12-18 years old).  You will find that most of the products are validating and even promoting profanity, drug and alcohol usage and (sadly enough) premarital (even teenaged) sexual relationships.  My goal in writing all of my books is to shower my readers with the idea and the hope that life as a teenager can be fulfilling, even fun, without these factors.  I keep my books real, but clean.  Entertaining, but decent.  I acknowledge present day issues without condoning them.  
Why did I write this book?  Because I believe there are teens out there that are looking for a better way, a different direction in life than the one that the rest of the world wants them to take.
Why should you buy this book?  Because you, your child or your grandchild need to know that there are others that support them in their quest for greatness.

Second Kiss and Second to No One are available for purchase at:
Tate Publishing
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