Friday, November 29, 2013

Sold Out!
All 10 of my black Friday sale books are gone!
(Plus some... since a few of you snuck a few purchases while I was out at dinner! :)) 
Thanks for taking advantage of this deal. 
Please continue to spread the word to your friends, family and communities! 
I'm so close to reaching my goal of Second Kiss sales and well on my way with Second to No One
My entire purpose in writing these books is to show teens that good wholesome decisions can lead to an amazingly fun life. 
Thank you for all your support!
Black Friday "Second" Sale!
I'm selling 10 copies of Second to No One for $10 each 
and I'm paying for shipping!!
Click on the "Buy Now" button to the right for this outrageous price. 
When the 10 books are gone I'll delete the button.  
(Can only ship free within the US.)
(Promotion ends Saturday, November 30th at midnight.) 
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Upcoming Book Release and Blog Tour!

In six short days my newest book, Second to No One will be released to the public! And in order to celebrate this excitement I am going on my very first blog tour.  This tour is going to take me all over the world to places like the Philippines, Uruguay, Utah, Massachusetts and more! And even though I secretly wish I could visit all these places personally I'm so grateful to be living in a day in age where I can tour these blogs from the comfort of my home while simultaneously taking care of my kiddos.

At each location I'm going to have either a review, interview, guest post or giveaway.  I can't wait to find out what these bloggers think of my new book.  It's like giving them a key to my brain and asking them for their opinion.  Yikes.  But I'm getting really good at accepting negative feedback so that's a positive. :)

Here's the schedule for the blog tour: 

November 19                       Review
November 20                 Review
November 21                Interview/Free Giveaway
November 22                                                 Guest Post
November 24                     Review
November 26                                               Interview
November 27        Review/Interview
November 28                                      Guest Post
November 29                   BF Sale/Giveaway
November 30                       Review
December 1                 Top 10
December 2                   Spotlight
December 3                       Review

So put it on your calendars and come along with me on my first cyber tour of the world!!