How did you find a publisher?
the honest answer? i felt a good amount of gumption one day when my book was about three quarters of the way done so i googled publishers. i found Tate Publishing which is a publishing company designed for new authors.  they are straight forward, hard working and extremely efficient and i have LOVED working with them.

How long did it take you to write Second Kiss?
from the very first word until i gave my consent for the final draft... about two and half years.  but the book i originally wrote and the book that you have in your hands are very different.   i couldn't possibly begin to count the amount of hours i spent tweeking, sharpening, writing and rewriting, reading and rereading until i finally had the product i wanted to offer to the world. 

What is the hardest part about writing a book?
the first ten pages.  those first ten pages took me months to get through and i felt SO accomplished once i got that far.  after that it flew by and before i knew it i had almost 100,000 words.  the ironic part about it all is i eventually cut those first ten pages.  but the important thing is that they led me to the next two hundred. 

Who is your favorite character in Second Kiss?
that's easy.  jess tyler.  he's the easiest most non-drama, good natured, handsome boy i could create.  and he's so easy to write about because he's sketched after the boy i married.

Was Second to No One easier to write since it was your second book?
so much easier!  And so much more fun because I was already in love with my characters. 

Did Lauren really do it?
no comment. 

And the little girls... please tell me they're okay!
ah, would be nice to be able to read minds, no?

Is there going to be a third book?  If you tell me there's not going to be a third book I may haunt you in your sleep.
yes (I pat your head twice) there will be a third book, my loyal little reader.  Oh how I wish there were more people in the world just like you.

Who is your favorite author?
its hard to pick one, but if i had to chose the author that has inspired me the longest it would be john knowles.  his most popular book  A Separate Peace, may also be one of my favorite books. you see, i was absolutely horrible at reading assigned books in high school but this one sucked me in.  there is something so magical about his writing that i found myself (a giddy, blond seventeen year old girl) crying over a boy in a tree at a private school from seventy years ago.  and ever since then i've always made it my goal to someday learn how to capture an audience like that.

How do you find time to write when you have three kids and a husband in residency?
oh this one is easy!  i don't.  which is why there's about five years between each book that comes out.  patience my wonderful readers... good things come to those who wait. 

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