Saturday, January 1, 2011

let's get personal

i wanted to make a post about new year resolutions because i LOVE them and am one of those weird people that actually follows up with them throughout the year.  (this may be a bit overboard but i like to put reminders on my cell phone that ring once a week with my different resolutions all year long... try it, it helps.)

but new year resolutions are sometimes extremely personal so i hesitated posting any at all.  until i realized - hello, writing a novel is extremely personal.  putting your thoughts and feelings and basically every last ounce of your soul on paper for people to read, critique and examine is extremely personal! 
and i've already done that... so this should be easy.  right?

here it goes... a highly UNCENSORED version of my new year resolutions for the year 2011:
  • teach my son (he'll be 3 in May) to use the potty and be out of diapers. (i think this is harder for me to get my head around than it is for my son.)
  • do Body-for-Life (my favorite diet and exercise plan) post baby (baby due end of February) and lose 20 pounds by June. 
  • learn how to nurse my baby effectively and do it for at least six months (i struggled with my first baby in this area but i'm determined to succeed this time!)
  • help all my cub scouts earn their achievement awards on time (yes i'm a den leader [with my husband] and i really need to get on the ball)
  • be more proactive about marketing my book (like, help more than just my friends and family know that it exists - harder than it sounds.)
  • finish book #2 and work on getting it published (it's half way done!)
  • be more open about my beliefs
  • spend more one-on-one time with my son (i mean high quality, play dough, crayons, lincoln logs, knights and his castle, pushing the train around the track - quality time.)
  • be as good to my husband as he is to me (this may be the hardest one on my list.  i really am that lucky.)
well, here i go.
wish me luck, perseverance and patience.  
happy new year!

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  1. Nice list, Natalie. And excellent suggestion about the cell phone. One year I listed my resolutions in my journal (one of them being to write in my journal more frequently), and then things got busy, and I completely forgot about them. When I opened my journal the following New Years Day, I found them. I realized then I needed to put them somewhere I'd see them all the time.

    Good luck on Body for Life. I've never lost any weight on that one but I love how I feel when I do it. And congrats on the baby.

    Happy New Year!