Sunday, November 7, 2010

the first of many...

i never said i wanted to write a book someday. it was never some goal to be checked off a list of things "to do". i never hoped to have a one hit wonder that made me millions of dollars and a household name. what i wanted... what i dreamed of... was to be an author. to see my first book in print. to hold its thickness between my fingers knowing the sweat and tears that went into it. and to know that it was the first (and probably even the worst)... of many. this is that first book. a teen fiction novel with a 'coming of age' theme. it's a simple and easy read. there's nothing overly complex or nobel prize worthy in it. but its mine. i've taken the first step.
its available at though it won't be officially released until november 30, 2010, and i'm still waiting to see exactly what that means.
will it be in bookstores? maybe.
will it be a big hit? that would be nice.
will that make a difference whether i write another book or not? nope!
i just started this "natalie's book" blog as a sort of outlet for my literary thoughts and ideas. and if along the way it helps inspire someone else to write more books or look at the books they read with a different light then i will feel successful.

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  1. Don't you ever put down your book. I liked it and I know everytihng and am always right.