Sunday, January 6, 2013

Excuses, excuses...

As to why its been nearly a year since my last post... there are a boat load of excuses.  here we go!
my last post (dated february 22, 2012) was approximately three weeks before my Thirtieth birthday  which was also the day i had set goals to 1) submit my latest novel to at least five literary agencies and 2) run in a 5k race. 

I'm proud to say i accomplished both goals though sadly they took up a lot of spare time i use for blogging.  shortly after my birthday (and i mean shortly) i found out i was pregnant with our third child (huge surprise) and that my husband was accepted to a psychiatry residency in Phoenix, Arizona and we would be moving accross the country in two short months. 

Life since then has been a never ending whirl wind of doctor appointments, packing boxes, visiting family, buying a mini van, buying our very first home, realizing that buying our very first home was a much bigger task than we ever could have imagined, carting kids to preschool and play dates, feeling like my body was going to break from the human that was growing therein and most recently having the baby, celebrating christmas and recovering from the past year.

Gratefully, I have recovered quickly and am up and rearing to go in 2013.  I recently signed a contract to start work on the sequel to Second Kiss and am extremely anxious to get going on the editing process. 

Yesterday as I was enjoying a beautiful Arizona January afternoon with my kids at a local outdoor mall I came across a woman holding a book signing at a table outside a yogurt shop.  As I have been the host of many said book signing myself I decided to stop and talk to her (while attempting to simultaneously keep my three kids under control).  Turns out she had her book published through my publisher and we had a wonderful talk.  I purchased her book and scored a few free bookmarks and went on my way.  But the encounter made me realize how much I've missed being part of "that" world. 

True, life is busy.  Even more true, I may have to write, edit and blog while my toilets go unscrubbed.  But here's to getting up, dusting off and picking up where you left off!  Join me  (if you dare) ....

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  1. OMG! I cannot wait to read more of Jess. AHHH this was the best news ever! Congrats on the baby..and good luck with everything else. I've been dying to know what happens with Jess and Gemma.<3