Saturday, February 19, 2011

some final advice on book signings - as if i'm the expert

i had my third (and final until baby comes) book signing last week and had such a fun time!  what was so different about it this time?  FRIENDS!!!  i mean, it sounds logical enough... you wouldn't throw a party without inviting your friends right?  and book signings should be just that.  a PaRtY!!!

this book signing was closer to my house so i was able to invite a lot of people i knew.  plus, i had some great friends drive 2 hours to come to it! (such a fabulous surprise!) 

not only did having friends at the signing make the event so much more fun but strangers who usually avoid eye contact with me actually came to the table! yeah!  i'm beginning to think that we humans have a fear of interacting one-on-one with people we don't know.  i think it was really intimidating for the customers in the coffee shop to approach my table when it was just me sitting there all by myself.  but when there was already a crowd around it was a lot easier for people to come ask questions and see what was going on. 

what made it even better is that my friends were able to say stuff like, "you should definitely read this book, its great!"  that sounds a lot better coming from someone else than from me - the author. 

my publisher had suggested in a list of tips that i take someone with me as a book signing "buddy" to the events.  i didn't take this advice (mostly because i didn't think any of my new friends in ohio would want to join me.) but i think people would have been willing if i would have asked them and i think it makes a BIG difference. 

so the last tip i'm going to leave with you from my limited amount of experience is...

p.s. thanks to everyone who came out.  you truly made it a fabulous event!


  1. We are famous!! On your book blog? awesome.
    ps-all viewers, read this book. it is a must

  2. Sounds like a fun signing.

    Is your book available to purchase as a pdf so I can load it to read on my Nook? I don't see it available as an e-book on the B&N website; and Kindle books can't be loaded onto a Nook.

    rebecca at irvinemail dot org

  3. Natalie, that's wonderful!! I'm so glad to hear it. I just finished attending Life, the Universe and Everything (LTUE) at BYU, and James Dashner (Maze Runner trilogy) was one of the keynote speakers (he's hilarious, btw). He talked about his very first book signing for his first book, and it sounded EXACTLY like yours! Do don't feel bad about that first experience. I thought about you when he said that.

    My copy of your book is making its rounds around my work. The fourth person is reading it now. Hopefully they'll talk to others who will, you know, buy it. =D

  4. It was such a fun experience to visit you. I am just a pion and you are an author!! ;) Can't wait for the next one!

  5. I'm glad your signings are going good. I get so nervous for signings. I agree, inviting friends is KEY. (And I can always know my sweet mom will show up and buy a book every time :)